Hi @ingljo. You are partially correct - the scroll event actually is fired, however it is on another element, not the one which the parallax is listening to. I took a look at the implementation and they seem to be listening on $document, whereas if you have a ons-page in Onsen it will fire the event for the .page__content element. I didn’t see a way to change the element on which the lib is listening, but in that case we can just manually call the handler like this: document.querySelector('.page__content').addEventListener('scroll', function (e) { $document.triggerHandler('scroll'); }); and you’re good to go :) Here’s a Demo. Maybe not the most elegant and probably not the most performant, but it seems to work. As for adding an effect like this to the core Onsen library it does sound interesting and we may consider it at some point, but for now maybe it’s better if an external lib like the one you mentioned is used since that way you have more flexibility. Also since Onsen UI is focused mostly for mobile app development I don’t think this would be a commonly used feature as it makes more sense for desktop websites, at least in my opinion. Note 1: you may consider calling it using some filter with window.requestAnimationFrame or something similar if you’re receiving poor performance. Note 2: Currently in the demo we did the provided code in a somewhat random place. In general you may need to listen to a init event which the page fires to do setup like this :) You can use the ons-init attribute for that.