@emccorson Hello thanks for the previous advice. now I decided to get all data when the page is loaded using ajax, but I was not able select he element that is on page2 , then update using jquery , but I can do it if I am using template. so my question is now how can I get the element that is on page2 for example below its the jquery I am tring to get the value from P ID with testearly that is on page2 ``` $(document).ready(function(){ getSportsToday(); let myvar = $(“p#testearly”).text() ; console.log(myvar); // setInterval(updateSportsToday,10000); }); below is HTML for page2 <ons-page id=“early”> <script type="text/javascript"> //ons.notification.alert(" page"); // console.log("test"); </script> <p style="text-align: center;" id="testearly"> This is the early page. </p> </ons-page> the result showing in console.log is empty I believe there is special element I need to use or sytax I need to use when navigate the page2 ??? btw I am using tabbar to page2 Thanks for reading