Simple dialog question (ons confirm button)

  • Hi all,

    This is my code:

    ons.notification.confirm({title: message_title ,message: message_content})    
    .then(function() {ReallyDelete();});

    If the user presses ’cancel', the function ReallyDelete is still called. How can I make it cancel the dialog, when cancel is clicked…?


  • Onsen UI

    @Remco-Koffijberg From the docs: Returns: Will resolve to the index of the button that was pressed.. So you are getting a value: function(index) { if (index === 0) { ReallyDelete(); }. It depneds on the order of your buttons, just check the returned value.

  • Aha! I read it, but didn’t understand. Tx!

  • It worked! (–;

  • This post is deleted!

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