onsen ui Not for every Mobile

  • I spent long days to create an application using onsen ui with with webview in android studio and I try my project on Mobile Samsung galaxy s4 (lolipop), but I am surprised by her experience on the Mobile galaxy mini s4 (jelly ben) and the whole thing is not in place and does not appear anything was very bad application. And Despaired me of the design of the application using hybrid apps framework :pensive:

  • @memo What was the resolution on the mini?

  • @munsterlander i run my project on samsung galaxy min s4 and galaxy s2 And I found that it is not compatible with all browser setups

  • @memo Do you know what the screen resolution is on those devices? If something is not working layout wise, then a media query will need to be done.

  • @munsterlander It is better to learn (C# with xamirin) if we were on the idea of creating a single code for multiple platforms instead of the loss of time in the hybrid languages because the hybrid languages is not compatible with all equipment and very weak

  • @memo Well, I would completely disagree regarding Xamarin. As a former Xamarin developer, I found their forms to be completely buggy and unreliable across platforms. Hybrid applications, while not for every situation, solve a good 95% of use cases in my experience. This is pretty evident when you just look at how every device you target has a web browser. So if it can be displayed there, then it will work there with the Onsen UI Framework.

    For your specific situation, it would appear (from what I can tell), that you are targeting smaller device screens. I have asked several times now what resolution you are trying to target, i.e. 640x480, etc. Once you know that, we can help you with writing a media query that solves any layout issues you may be experiencing.

    As far as functionality goes, as long as JavaScript runs on the target device, you are good.

  • @munsterlander 0_1478181254211_samsung-galaxy-s4-mini-I9190-ofic.jpg
    This is the image device (galaxy s4 mini) when tested project. And the dimensions of 540 × 960 pixels and saw everything upside down and view funny …
    But when i used on(galaxy s5) a 1080 × 1920 everything properly
    I was ashamed in front of my friends when they tried to Their Mobile.
    On Apple devices too many buttons did not work
    Note: I used my project on webview in android studio and save it with apk file and dont using phonhap

  • Hello, i’m having the same problem. It seems like onsen look well with iOS only. The view, style , and position on android look somehow terrible comparing to ios. Any suggestion?

  • @iriekun This is what confuses me as I develop for Android only and do not have these issues. What is not laying out correctly?

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