Onsen UI with Vue 2 will soon be possible!

  • Onsen UI and Vue.js

    Vue.js is a lightweight library used to create user interfaces. Its powerful but still intuitive API makes it very easy to learn. Vue has long been a favorite for us in the Onsen UI team and we know that some of our users are already creating apps using Vue and Onsen UI. We are happy to announce that we are currently working on adding better support.

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  • Excited! I’m new to Onsen/Monaca/hybrid app dev. What I see from Onsen/Monaca so far has been super impressive. Assuming it’ll be super easy to combine Onsen + Vue2 + Monaca. :)

  • Just tried Onsen UI 2 for a couple of weeks, find it’s great! And now vue 2 binding. Really hyped for this!

  • @adwidianjaya Thanks! Really happy that you like it :)

  • Oh god!! I cant wait for this!! When will this be available? Please can you give us an estimate date so that I should not look for alternative solutions for the same till then.

    Thank you!

  • Any news about a release date?

  • When do we expect to have this? :)

  • I’m looking forward to it.
    Do you have a roadmap?
    Shouldn’t be to difficult to implement Onsen component in VueJS 2.
    How can i support you? I’m writing a bigger SPA with VueJS. Would love to integrate Onsen UI and build mobile Apps.
    Thank you guys…


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