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  • I’ve been through and all that gets me is “no devices found”. I’ve got some knowledge deficit, but I don’t know what I’m missing. there’s no “minimum requirements” or anything there pointing me in any direction.

    is there a comprehensive notifications walk-through for setting up the minimum, or typical, things needed to make this work from zero to popup?

  • @wilsonmfg Are you using the Cloud IDE and are you using Monaca notifications and not Apple’s or Google’s?

  • yes, cloud IDE. problem is I’m not using anything because I can’t see how any of it is actually supposed to work. I’d like to have have apple and google both via one API, but that’s not a firm requirement as I am able to track the device type on my end. a guide that I can follow start to finish to get a basic sample app with notifications would be wonderful.

  • Monaca

    @wilsonmfg did you install your app directly on your device? Please notice that push notifications don’t work on Monaca Debugger,

  • not yet. is that all it takes to get it to show up? maybe that doc page should mention that.

  • I did a debug android build, installed, and got a notification to work, so that’s the piece i was missing, thanks!

  • it could also be clearer that doesn’t get called until you actually click the notification.

  • Monaca

    @wilsonmfg glad it worked! You are right, the information could be clearer. I will notify the person in charge of the docs :)

  • Hi
    I dont undestand how to display this notification.
    Someone Can help me.

  • @mykinen Have you setup your Monaca account and enabled backend services? If so, then post your code and we can start figuring it out.

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