How to implement dynamic ons-tab with ons-lazy-repeat

  • Hello,
    Onsen UI: v2.0.1
    AngularJS: 1.5.9

    I am building an Android and IOS application that requires dynamic tabs (ons-tab) like in native applications. The content in each tabs can be up to a hundred items. So I want to use ons-lazy-repeat for the ons-tab content to minimize memory consumptions. How do I go about achieving this (dynamic tabs and ons-lazy-repeat ) with Onsen UI. I have searched online and I couldn’t see any solution.

    Thank you!

  • Please anybody with an idea should help. I’m stuck in my application.


  • @Prior-Famous-Ehichioya So, just to make sure I understand, its not really dynamic tabs, but more of a dynamic content in the tabs? Or are you saying you need to be able to add an indefinite amount of tabs?

  • @munsterlander Thanks for your reply.

    Yes indefinite amount of tabs.