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  • Hi guys! After a long season distant of my computer ( 2 months)
    I’m back with a new website and a blog (humble and with a poor English) where i’ll share everything i can about mobile development , Onsen UI and what i most love : UI/UX .

    So, follow the links …


    And also i’ll release 2 new apps: OH MY UI ( Delayed) https://community.onsen.io/topic/468/ohmyui-a-reference-guide-for-cordova-developers

    And a paid version of my most rated app Mooobile meat cuts . I have now a version called : Mooobile Party with exotic meats (Aligator, and 10 others meat types).


  • Onsen UI

    @Leonardo-Augusto Welcome back! Great to read you are around again :)
    By the way, the webpages design looks quite good!

  • This is wonderful, we were wondering when you’ll surprise us with your latest news! :sunglasses:

    Southern Brazil seems like a great place to create cool apps!

    Let us know once you publish the app > we’ll add it to our showcase page immediately. Thanks for creating the reference app, many Cordova developers will benefit from that!

  • @Fran-Diox thank you! I have worked to make a good design. Hope i have a hit!
    @unaso Thank you friend! " many Cordova developers will benefit from that!" Yes that 's the purpose.

  • Let us know once you’ve finalized it. We’ll definitely share the news among our network! Good luck with the final steps!

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