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Cannot find module 'core-js/library/fn/symbol/iterator'

  • Hello all,

    I am quite new to node development and am hoping to build a new web-app using OnsenUI. I have a question regarding the monaca project creation. I have followed the instructions on creating a react-onsenui project using Monaca, but the app won’t preview in my browser… I keep getting the same error:


    These are the following approaches I have tried:

    1. Deleted ‘node_modules’ and re-installed via npm install
    2. Installed/Added ‘core-js’ as a dependency
    3. Updated NodeJS to the current version (6.8.1)

    I am a little lost as to what to do next :( I have tried to download the Minimal and Navigation variations aswell… but to no avail. However, when I create a standard JS minimal project it works… Have you guys got any thoughts?

    Much appreciated,