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Add Cordova plugin: how to activate

  • I added the Cordava plugin from Katzer for Local Push Notification as a zip via the Cordova Import Button. I can see it under ‘enabled’.

    And then i added this sample code

    document.addEventListener ("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
    function onDeviceReady () {
                alert ('Cordova is ready!');
            id: 10,
            title: "Meeting in 15 minutes!",
            text: "Jour fixe Produktionsbesprechung",
            at: tomorrow_at_8_45_am,
            data: { meetingId:"#123FG8" }

    It does show the alert box.
    The console says: Cannot read property ‘notification’ of undefined.

    (Monaca says it is “installed when the application is built”. So i made a debug build, but it doesn’t work either.)

    My question is what do i need to do to activate this plugin?

  • @Remco-Koffijberg Which toolchain are you using and do you have a paid developers account?

  • i don’t know what a toolchain is and my plan is: Annual Developer

  • I made it work in the download! This is great!!

    Is it supposed to NOT work in Monaca itself? If so, then this question can be closed.


  • @Remco-Koffijberg Toolchain meaning are you using the Monaca Cloud IDE, LocalKit, or CLI - just so I would know what commands to send your way. As for the developer plan, I just wanted to make sure you could compile third party plugins - which you can. It should work in custom debugger, but either way you got it working, so great!

  • Monaca

    As @munsterlander said, it’s probably because you have used a third party plugin and haven’t built a new custom debugger. Nevertheless, this is an issue that occurs way too often, I’ll check how we can announce it to our users.