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Spent 2 days playing around with templates that ship

  • Hello there,

    So I’ve spent about 2 days now trying my hand at this. I’m ok with HTML, CSS, and a bit of javascript but onsen + react is the steepest curve I’ve ever seen when it comes to computer programming. Ever. I picked up tcl back in the day when I had no exposure to programming whatsoever and right now with react I cannot even add a tabbar to the default template.

    Is this designed for people who are already professional coders? If that’s the case, I might as well go native directly. I thought the point of having web apps is to avoid a learning curve if you’re a web developer.

  • @newbie Well, all of this is programming - so to speak - and some is more complex than others. My question would be why the use of React? Every time you add another framework, you are adding another level of complexity to the project. With React, your project gains nothing that regular ol’ vanilla JS with Onsen can do.

    In my opinion, things like Angular JS, React, etc. sole purpose is for very large scale, multi-developer applications. They bring standardization to a large (like million plus lines of code) application that has many hands involved. It sounds like you are going to be the sole developer and I would highly encourage you to look into just the basic implementation. Some excellent tutorials are:

    Also, I will throw in a shameless plug for some of my examples here: I have documented some of the most common errors I have answered on the forums here. With my intro template, you can be up and running with a tabbar in minutes!

    Edit: Also, if you just have to have React :stuck_out_tongue: then check out this tutorial for tabs with React:

  • Onsen UI

    and a bit of javascript

    Then why did you choose React? There are many concepts you should know about JavaScript before starting with React, in my opinion. Onsen UI with pure JavaScript is quite easy to understand so I’d recommend you to go with that option (and of course, learning some simple JS before).

    By the way, if you need resources for learning web development, I think Free Code Camp is a good option.