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USB Debugging Round 2

  • So, I am trying to get USB debugging working again. I have USB debugging enabled, Monaca debugger is paired with my PC, my android device is connected with a USB cable, and when you click run in LocalKit it launches on the device. My issue is when I click on the device inspector button in debugger, I get a prompt that says:

    “You need to plug to the computer via USB connection in order to proceed. Do you want to see more details?” Yes takes me to the help docs and dismiss closes the prompt. The only non-normal thing would be the project uses Cordova 5.2 and the debugger uses 6.2.

    @Andi What do I need to do to finally get this working?

  • Feel free to disregard this request. I just couldn’t wait any longer so I wrote an object explorer in order to be able to navigate the events returned on the mobile device as they are different than in the preview.

    If anyone wants the function - it is pretty basic, but gives you a collapsible view of objects like in dev tools - the code is here:

    Just do note, I hacked this together from some old code posted on the net and modified it for my needs.