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When I use pushPage to push a page to the top of the stack, can I pass the parent scope? (Angular 1)

  • I have an ons-navigator on my Home page. Using a splitter, I can successfully navigate to a new page (lets call it page A), which is defined in a separate file. I am using resetToPage() to load this page.

    In this separate file containing page A, in addition to the contents of page A, I have another template/page defined at the bottom (lets call this page B.
    By clicking a button on page A, I navigate to page B via pushPage() (as opposed to resetToPage() which is how I got to page A).

    I want these pages to share the same controller. When page A is loaded, its controller is initialized. When page B is loaded, I want it to share/inherit page A’s controller without having to set ng-controller again.

    After reading the documentation and some searching through the forums, I can not find an example of this, and do not know if it is possible.

    I am looking to do something similar to when I create a Dialog and have it inherits the parent’s scope like this:

    ons.createDialog('filterDialog.html', { parentScope: $scope }).then(function(dialog) {

    I am currently setting ng-controller again in Page B (to the same controller as page A), which is leading to some methods being called twice, because the controller is being initialized twice.

    Is what I’m trying to do possible?

  • It’s been a week, and I’m only looking for a yes or no answer. Can anyone help me here?

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    @rgins16 No, I don’t think it’s possible. For the dialog you can provide parentScope because the dialog is supposed to be a child of the page that calls it. However, in your situation, page A is not the parent of page B, they are siblings in the page stack. That in AngularJS cannot inherit a scope. If you want to share controller you should put it in ons-navigator and check the ID (or name) of page A and page B to run some specific code if you need. Otherwise… AngularJS services :/

    Other possibilities that I don’t particulary like could be using $rootScope or passing $scope object with pushPage’s and copy its content.

  • Thanks @Fran-Diox. I like your idea of putting the controller in the navigator.