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'CustomElements is not defined' in react-onsenui.js

  • I’ve just started to use react-onsenui on Meteor. The simple app run fine until yesterday when I started to use <Navigator />. The browser stop at the exception:

    CustomElements is not defined at Page.componentDidMount in react-onsenui.js

    I have no idea what’s happening. I guess CustomElements is a global and is assumed to be already initialized somewhere. Maybe something wrong about how I import modules (using ES6 module support on Meteor). But I do import both onsenui and react-onsenui as describe in the React guide.

    Any idea what’s wrong here?


    • react-onsenui@0.6.2
    • onsenui@2.0.0
    • react@15.3.2
    • typescript@2.1.0-dev.20160824
    • Meteor

  • Onsen UI

    @samphan Yep, update react-onsenui dependency to 1.0.0. That will fix it :)

  • @Fran-Diox work like a charm! Thank you. ^_^