• Onsen UI

    A component to display a tab bar on the bottom of a page. Used with <ons-tab> to manage pages using tabs.

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  • Why does switching the tabs for the TabBar example not work? Is the bar disabled somehow or…?

  • @shivavelingker That’s a bug in the example. It will need to be updated for Angular 2. The example for Vanilla functions though: https://onsen.io/v2/docs/js/ons-tabbar.html

  • @shivavelingker: To make it works you should remove lines 76,77,81 and left only this code in AppComponent’s template:
    <ons-tab label=“Page1” icon=“ion-home” [page]=“tab1” active></ons-tab>
    <ons-tab label=“Page2” icon=“ion-ios-browsers” [page]=“tab2”></ons-tab>
    <ons-tab label=“Page3” icon=“ion-ios-search” [page]=“tab3”></ons-tab>

  • Onsen UI

    @jced-artem There was an issue with the class name, it was renamed from tab-bar to tabbar in recent updates.

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