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    Using this component a list with millions of items can be rendered without a drop in performance. It does that by “lazily” loading elements into the DOM when they come into view and removing items from the DOM when they are not visible.

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  • Does anyone have a Lazy Repeat example using the delegate function logic for Angular 2?

  • @munsterlander: Thank you but no it is using the delegate properties - configureItemScope,calculateItemHeight,countItems destroyItemScope. All I can find are examples using AngularJS ( https://onsen.io/blog/onsenui-1-2-2-new-components-lazy-repeat/ ) and I can seem to convert it correctly to Angular 2.

  • @DaveyK65 could you show me how you converted the angular 1 delegate to angular 2? I tried converting but still no avail.

  • I am trying to use ons-lazy-repeat with angular 5, and it appears to be not working right. First thing I found out is to reset the list with new data, I had to first set the array to empty and then a half a second later set the array to the final values.

    this.lazyData = [];
    setTimeout( () => {
         this.lazyData = response.data;

    Now the bug I am stuck on is when the list is large enough to require scrolling, the list is actually repeated three times in series. The list has 17 ons-list-items in it. I am using onsenui v2.9.1

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