• Onsen UI

    A component that enables responsive layout by implementing both a two-column layout and a sliding menu layout. It can be configured to automatically expand into a column layout on large screens and collapse the menu on smaller screens. When the menu is collapsed the user can open it by swiping.

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  • why it has no more ‘menu-page’ attribute as in old version ?

    <ons-sliding-menu menu-page=“menu.html”

  • Onsen UI

    @Ateş-Danış <ons-sliding-menu> has been deprecated in favor of <ons-splitter>. You can still have the page you want on the splitter side menu as ons-splitter-side page="menu.html">

  • how to create a slide menu with a profile image on it.

  • how to create spliter menu on google maps at main page?

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