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    The <ons-splitter-side> element is used as a child element of <ons-splitter>. It will be displayed on either the left or right side of the <ons-splitter-content> element. It supports two modes: collapsed and split. When it’s in collapsed mode it will be hidden from view and can be displayed when the user swipes the screen or taps a button. In split mode the element is always shown. It can be configured to automatically switch between the two modes depending on the screen size.

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  • Hello

    How can we open/close the menu from a state/props attribute?

    The component SplitterSide has no attribute to indicate if we want it to be opened or closed. The only way I see is something like this:

    		<SplitterSide postclose={actions.closeMenu} ref={ instance => {
    							if (instance) {
    								let el = ReactDOM.findDOMNode(instance);
    								if (props.isOpen && !el.isOpen) {
    								} else if (!props.isOpen && el.isOpen) {
    						} }>

    which is overcomplicated and does not work as well as expected.

  • @guirip220: Forget about it. Works much better when looking at the react section of your documentation!

  • OK, I see what’s wrong with the example.
    The code for the toolbar and the menu icon must be repeated 3 times, in each page separately.
    But, typically a toolbar and a menu item are kept in place and only the rest of the content changes.

    // this is being repeated three times, once in each page! 
      <div class="left">
        <ons-toolbar-button onclick="">
          <ons-icon icon="md-menu"></ons-icon>

  • Bug with tutorial: on latest chrome windows 10, slide app and text right for bigger code section, and code is gone, never to return.

    Wish: a codepen linked from example

  • Onsen UI

    @Moshe-Flam I’m sorry but I don’t understand the issue. If you have any issue with the embedded version perhaps you can check the main tutorial app here.

  • Hi! Great framework! Is there any way to fine tune the speed needed in order to init the swipe? If i slowly swipe the screen the splitter doesn’t opens up. Any ideas? THX