Onsen UI 2.0 is here!

  • Onsen UI is here!

    It’s been a little over four months since we released the first RC version of Onsen UI 2.0. Since then we have gone through several iterations, ironing out the creases in order to deliver a great UI solution for all hybrid and mobile web app developers out there.

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  • @argelius @Fran-Diox @Masa I just want to say congratulations on the release! I know the whole team has been hard at work on this. I am SUPER excited to move forward now. Thank you all for your hard work and amazing communication throughout this process.

  • Congratulations!!! Thank you for amazing work. I’m looking forward to the Onsen UI 2 + Angular 2 interactive tutorial.

  • Great job!

  • Congratulations on the Onsen UI 2.0 final release! Very well done.

  • Awesome!!! thank you Onsen UI team for this simple and best UI framework !

  • Congratulations!
    And Can I use Onsen UI 2.0 with AngularJS 2.0 & Nativescript/React Native?

  • greaaat!

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