Inside Onsen UI: Web Components

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    Onsen UI and Web Components

    Onsen UI 2.0 final release is around the corner. We’ve come a long way since we started implementing this version and we want to explain you here what were our reasons and issues. This is a short article that breaks down Onsen UI and some of the technologies behind it.

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  • Excellent article and explanation by an excellent development team! I can’t wait for final release!

  • Any consideration in adding EmberJS to the list of Frameworks supported? Do you have any write-ups in what’s involved in “enabling for a framework”?

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    @yankeeinlondon As I mentioned in the post, we will release a guide on making bindings for other frameworks in some time. We need to work on this API first to make it easy to extend. I’d like to see bindings for Ember.js as well :)

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