How to use Route Provider

  • Hi all,

    how to use Angular js 1.x state Provider in OnsenUI 2.0

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    @kennedymca I wrote a tutorial about this some time ago for Onsen UI 1.x. It didn’t change too much for Onsen UI 2.0, I think you just need to adapt few things.

  • is it support StateProvider or Not?, because i am beginner in Onsen UI 2.0

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    @kennedymca There is no such a thing as StateProvider in Onsen UI, so if you are asking if we provide built-in routing based on URLs then answer is no, we don’t. Now, if you are speaking about ui-router and its $stateProvider, I just gave you a link where you can see that it is compatible with Onsen UI.

  • i have to develop these kinds of procedure using StateProvider, i have one introduction page and it’s navigate to login page when login is success, i have to show menu page.i try to develop this procedure while i try to press back button in login page stateProvider onExit event not working. can you any kind of example in OnesenUI 1.x ?

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