Preview! Vue.js support for Onsen UI

  • Onsen UI and Vue.js

    Vue.js is a frontend framework for creating reactive components. It provides a very simple but powerful API. Its simplicity makes it very easy to get started writing apps.

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  • Fantastic! Vue is as easy as angular but more fast and light. Monaca IDE already supports ?

  • @wagnercsfilho Yes, I really like Vue. It’s the framework I use if I get to chose myself ;)

    Vue is not supported right now but we plan to add templates in Monaca IDE.

  • when will you support Interactive Tutorial for Vuejs and Onsen?

  • @aungyin What type of tutorials do you want to see? Are the examples in the article enough? If I have time, in the coming weeks, I will try to put some together and get a PR done.

  • Onsen UI

    @aungyin @munsterlander I’m still implementing Angular2 support in the interactive tutorial but we are quite busy making the new website and docs. After Angular2 is ready I’ll probably try to add Vue.js as well.

  • @munsterlander I suppose for now an updated guide with vue.js is important. For people who know vue but not familiar with Angular, it is a bit too steep climb as I experienced painfully today… )

  • Is there a working example available for a tabbar?
    (where each tab has its own Component/Page)

    I’ve used Angular 1 , React-native, ReactJS.
    Vue.js syntax is silky compared to those. Love it!

  • @beebase: Hi! We have some examples in the repo.

    This is the syntax for using the tabbar:

    I also love the clean Vue API :)

  • Hi, anyone got onsen-vue bindings working with cordova? I’m getting a blank screen right now:

    Any ideas? Thank you.

  • is this Vue ready to use for production, what’s pending ? really hyped about this

  • @dojoVader As far as I have determined, the bindings are in place. There may be a few bugs and they may change the way those bindings behave, but I would not expect too much being different now and final release.

  • Hello everyone.
    The stable version of VueJS 2 has already been on the market for a moment now.
    Any possibility to know whether OnsenUi will be supported on the VueJS 2 ?

  • @Ati The team is still working on it and it is in the final stages, I believe. I know there was a major detour due to the polyfill bug/issue then they worked like crazy on documentation, then even more on testing units to prevent additional bugs after push. I am sure they are wrapping up their new-ish implementation of a true agnostic framework. I highly recommend staring Onsen on github. The team is posting bug fixes daily and you can monitor their progress much more easily.

  • Onsen UI

    @Ati @munsterlander So far I’ve been fixing and implementing other stuff but I just joined Vue 2 bindings development and will continue until it’s finished. I cannot say any date but well, right now we are 2 developers working on this :)
    If you want to see changes, check Vue 2 PRs.

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