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Documentation for Angular 1 Lazy-List is incorrect?

  • The documentation for Angular 1 Lazy List is the EXACT SAME as the documentation for JavaScript Lazy List. It does not match the content of the Angular 1 Tutorial, it matches the content of the JavaScript Tutorial.

    My issue is that I can not figure out how to call refresh on a lazy-list in Angular. Is this even possible? It is not in the Angular 1 tutorial, but it is in the Angular 1 documentation (which is for JavaScript).

    Am I going crazy here or is there an error in the documentation. Could someone clarify for me?

    I’ve blown through most of the work day trying to figure this out before posting here.

  • Additionally, I am unable to call a function from inside the ons._util.createElement in createItemContent().


    My function is not being recognized, and is ‘undefined’.

    I am using MEAN.JS and the list is defined as:

  • Onsen UI

    @rgins16 The docs about that can certainly be improved. We are making a new website for the docs and hopefully it will be ready soon with all of these issues fixed.

    refresh method is exposed in the delegate object in AngularJS: $scope.myDelegate.refresh() or this.myDelegate.refresh(). I guess something like this should be enough. I will add this info to the tutorial page :)

  • Thank you Fran. Can’t wait to see the new docs.