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Monaca preview, serving up content from different directory

  • Hello all, I recently installed some dependencies and whenever I do ‘monaca preview’ now it serves up from the www folder like below.

    Starting up http-server, serving /../../../Onsen/my-project/www
    Available on:

    However, before adding dependencies the server would spin up like this, which contains all my components.
    webpack result is served from /
    content is served from ./src/public

    Does anyone know where in my project I can change the directory to which monaca serves up content? How do I get my project to serve from ./src/public again? Thanks in advance.

  • Answering my question here. I was able to have monaca preview spin up from default directory by adding missing lines to project_info.json under the .monaca directory. Here is what the current file looks like when it is working.

        "framework_version": "3.5",
        "cordova_version": "5.2",
        "xcode_version": "6",
        "plugins": [
        "template-type": "angular2",
        "build": {
            "transpile": {
                "enabled": true

    For some reason, the framework_version field was missing. Replacing it seemed to correct the monaca preview issue.