ons-ripple in ons-list-item won't worked on iOS

  • I’ve developed an application with Cordova.js and Onsen.io on Monaca Cloud IDE.
    I’ve got some issues about iOS and ons-ripple. ons-ripple effect won’t worked on tappable ons-list-item on iOS but worked in Android. How can I made ripple effected ons-list-item on iOS?

  • @birfincankafein Did you specify material as the modifier or designate ripple for the attribute if not using material? Such as:

    <ons-list-item tappable ripple>Tap me</ons-list-item>


    <ons-list-item tappable modifier="material">Tap me</ons-list-item>

  • Onsen UI

    @birfincankafein It’s a bit weird to have ripple effect on iOS. Normally you want it tappable in iOS and we automatically convert it to ripple for the Android version. If you want to force ripple then, as @munsterlander suggests, just write ripple attribute: <ons-list-item ripple>. You can try it in the tutorial.

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