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Need to restart Monaca server every I make a change

  • Hello all. For some reason I need to restart Monaca with monaca preview whenever I make change in my code to see the changes reflected in the browser. It was not always like this. When I first start the project last week, the server recompiled every time I made a change in the code. Any ideas on how to make so it recompiles every time a make change in the code? I am using Webstorm as my IDE. Thanks.

  • Monaca

    maybe @Fran-Diox knows something about this

  • Onsen UI

    @gciluffo Which version of CLI are you using and what kind of template? We have changed that part of the code for version 2.1.2, although the behavior should be the same.

    I have tested it again but I still see the same behavior as before. For vanilla JS templates you will need to refresh your browser (CTRL+R) whenever you modify anything, that hasn’t changed. Even new added files to www will be served after refreshing the browser.

    Could you please tell me an example where you need to restart monaca preview?