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Navigator animation issue

  • On my app I want to have different when push and pop page. When I push push a page with default animation then when popPage I can set different animation. But when I push with animation like lift when I pop with animation is slide it not work it it pop with animation is lift too.


    //The have different animation
    navi.pushPage("pageA.html", {callback: function() {navi.popPage({animation: "lift"})});
    //Have same animation is lift
    navi.pushPage("pageA.html", {animation: "lift", callback: function() {navi.popPage({animation: "slide"})});

    Please some one tell me is there a bug or this is spec of OnsenUI.
    And how can I make a different animation when push page and when pop page.
    I have try with Onsen UI version 1.3.11 and it work normal as I expected.


  • Onsen UI

    @chungld Thanks for reporting, this has been fixed here. It will be released in the next version.

  • Thanks for your reply!