ons-tabbar inside of a confirmation/alert dialog

  • Is this possible? I’ve been playing around with and can successfully put tabs inside of a regular dialog.

    Whenever I switch to a confirmation or alert dialog, any buttons I declare, like Cancel, do not show up, and I’m stuck with just tabs.

  • Alternatively, is it possible to make the label for each tab a Cancel button?

  • I’m going to be playing around with it and testing it, and was wondering if someone could just tell me if it’s outright impossible.

  • Here is a codepen where I am putting tabs inside of an alert dialog. The alert dialog title and footer will not appear. The cancel buttons are in the footer.

  • Onsen UI

    @rgins16 This is a very weird usage of ons-alert-dialog, but if it’s what you want…
    The page tries to get the maximum height, so just play with the height and margins of the tabbar. Example here.

  • Thank you Fran. I have since abandoned the idea of the OK and CANCEL buttons, and have added an “x” button in the title (on the right side) that will close the dialog. Also it’s Cancelable.

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