Getting Started with Meteor and Onsen UI

  • Considering using Onsen UI with Meteor. I am wondering, however, how Onsen will look on the desktop web. Any feedback?

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    @James-Parsons Exactly the same as mobile view. You can use components like <ons-splitter>, <ons-if> and other tools like ons.platform to modify the view if you want. And of course, media-queries. This is for example a meteor app.

  • Is there any chance of getting a look at the AngularJS + Onsen UI + Meteor source files for this tutorial? Be a really good jumping off point for experimentation.

  • @munsterlander: In the article you mention “What about AngularJS?” Does this refer to Angular Onsen working with the React Meteor tutorial OR is this referring to Angular + Onsen UI + Meteor working together without React?

    I am trying to get Angular + Onsen UI + Meteor working together without React.

  • @MichaelCafe @Fran-Diox will have to respond as he wrote the article, but I would suspect it would be making all 3 work without React.

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    @MichaelCafe I was speaking about AngularJS + Onsen UI + Meteor, but I haven’t made any app like that myself. I just answered some questions of other users who were making it and wrote in this post the problems they found.

  • Is Monaca the same thing as Meteor, or is it just an IDE that USES Meteor, or is it completely separate from Meteor, with Meteor as an option?

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    @Moshe-Flam They are two completely different products. Monaca is a set of tools for hybrid app development. It includes cloud IDE, push notifications, remote app build, etc. You can use Meteor in apps made with Monaca. This article explains how to combine Meteor with Onsen UI, but you don’t need to do anything special to use it in Monaca. Note that the cloud IDE is not able to run your Meteor server, you’d need to use local development tools like Monaca CLI.

  • @Fran-Diox thx!

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