ons-switch methods have changed?

  • So for the ons-switch, I used to do:

    document.getElementById('switchID').setChecked((switchVar=== 'true'));

    And this worked great. It appears the setChecked method was removed as it is no longer a valid function. Now I have to do:

    if (switchVar  === 'true')

    Is this the proper method or am I missing something very basic here?

  • Onsen UI

    @munsterlander You can also do it with the checked property if I don’t remember wrong. Try document.getElementById('switchID').checked = true.

  • @Fran-Diox I tried that and it returns function checked is not a valid function.

  • @munsterlander It became a simple boolean property of the switch - it’s not a function anymore. Demo (^_^)

    document.getElementById('switchID').checked = (switchVar === 'true');

    This should do it. If it doesn’t work it may be some sort of timing issue.

  • @IliaSky and @Fran-Diox So that worked. I don’t know why when I initially did as @Fran-Diox suggested it gave me that error. I reset the project and wrote it out as @IliaSky suggested and it worked - it’s the exact same code, just a different right-side assignment. Oh well, working now with minimal code. Thanks!

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