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React & Angular2 templates with the new Monaca CLI & Localkit update

  • Onsen UI

    We just released new versions for Monaca CLI and Monaca Localkit with many changes. Apart from improving general performance and fixing some minor bugs, we focused on React and Angular 2 projects:

    • Three new templates have been included for Angular 2: Navigation, Splitter and Tabbar.

    • React projects come with React Hot Loader configured and ready to use in development mode.

    • From now on you will get a more organised structure of your project, having JSX and TS files in src directory, assets in src/public and generated files in www.

    • Transpiling and bundling time has been reduced as well. Even when using Monaca Debugger you’ll get your changes blazing fast. Give it a try (it’s free)!

    • Webpack config files (dev and prod) are now available in your project so you can modify them to fit your needs (adding new loaders, etc). In general, it should be pretty much enough with the default configuration that we propose.

    • Projects will get Onsen UI components styles directly from the Stylus source. This means you can easily modify your theme colors.

    • We have added support for Cordova 6.x!

    Let us know what you think about this update!