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onsen ui - angular 2 for production

  • i am sorry maybe this is simple question, i am new in angular 2 and onsen UI 2. i have tried angular2-onsenui-kitchensink and this is good start for me. This is folder for development right?
    but i am still confuse how to separate file from development folder to production folder, for example i have prepared cordova folder and there is www folder in it, where html, js, css file will be used to build into android app.

    In angular 1, there is clear where are html, js, css file, but in angular 2 there only ts file, how to build ts file for production that i can move into cordova folder?

  • Onsen UI

    @lapisanlangit I’d recommend you to check Monaca CLI. It gives you templates with a clear structure, separating dev in src folder and prod in www.

  • oh my god, i am sorry this is my bad…i didn’t read about monaca cli, thank you Fran Diox