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Creating a Pokémon application using the Angular2 CLI

  • Angular 2 Pokedex App

    We recently launched the beta of our Angular2 components for Onsen UI. Angular2 is a brand new framework and people are just starting to get familiar with it. We have decided to start a series of articles to help people get started with the framework. This article is the first in the series and will explain the very basics such as how to set up the environment and how to create and run a simple app.

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  • Great framework. Great docs and articles!

  • i love it

  • hi…thanx for this tutorial…
    i am new in ionic framework. before two days i used ionic 2 beta 10 version. now i worked on beta 11 version. after update the version i got problem in ngModel. i didn’t get any clue what the if uh ave any example for that please share with me. one more problem is that hardware back button handle.if u have any code regarding my problems please share with me.
    Thank you

  • Onsen UI

    @vRocker In case you didn’t notice, this is Onsen UI framework forum/blog :sweat_smile:

  • Andreas, nice article. I am really exited to see some good example of angular-cli + polymer or angular-material + firebase(authentication + database). About this article, it explains the basics of angular2 and angular-cli usage very good.One little tip/best practice, use export class AppComponent implements OnInit to avoid tslint warnings. i will use for sure angular2 and angular-cli and firebase, but for the design i am not sure to use only angular-material or polymer components or…?? But for sure something that implements material design.

  • Is this really an Onsen UI tutorial that doesn’t use a single part of Onsen UI?
    No one goes to McDonalds to buy raw meat. They’d be just a little, lets say, disappointed if that’s what they were given.

  • Onsen UI

    @milkisevil This is just a basic introduction to Angular 2 and its CLI right as we did with React some months ago. I don’t see any problem with this kind of content and looks like many people liked it. Of course we’ll write articles showing Angular 2 and Onsen UI but we think at the beginning is better to keep things simple.

  • @fran-diox: Sure, I understand where you’re coming from. Just a little disappointed that the one article that mentions both Onsen UI and Angular 2 RC.5 doesn’t manage to demonstrate as much as an ons-button. “You had one job!” haha… just playing, It’s early days :) Looking forward to your future tuts.