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Failed serving project

  • Hi guys,

    I followed the ‘Getting Started’-helloworld tutorial. At the point where I run ‘monaca preview’ I get the following error:

    Failed serving project: monaca.requireTranspile is not a function

    Any suggestions?

  • Onsen UI

    @OrestisZam This is an issue with a dependency version. We will release a new CLI version in the upcoming days fixing this. In the meantime you can find the directory of monaca-cli in your npm installation and modify its package.json: Line #34 "monaca-lib": "^2.0.8",, remove ^ so it becomes "monaca-lib": "2.0.8",. After that run npm install in the directory. I think that will fix it.

    As I said, a new version will be released quite soon if we don’t have (more) problems :)

  • Hello Fran,
    I have applied the changes you suggested but I am still having the error. “Failed serving project: monaca.requireTranspile is not a function”- What do I do please?


  • Onsen UI

    @mykoman Can you check that the installed monaca-lib is 2.0.8 version? It should say it in its package.json.
    Anyway, we will release the new CLI tomorrow with this fixed and many other news :)

  • Nice it works now with the new version! Great