Where's Monaca For VisualStudio 2015 Panel?

  • Hi,
    I was using the monaca in visual studio 2015 community update 2 and monaca panel always appeared .

    So I had to format my workstation and decided to install visual studio 2015 community update 3 , now I can no longer bring up the monaca panel.

    This is the panel I’m talking about :

    Another thing I noticed is that before the login monaca was made by this panel, there is now a popup screen to log on, then I believe that monaca extension also updated.

    I am unable to debug the app in mobile phone because of it.

    does anyone know how to solve?

  • Monaca

    Are you sure you installed the correct version of Monaca extension after the format? There is also a VS 13 extension, which can still be installed on VS 15, but has some of the problems you described.

  • Hi Andi, thanks for answering.
    which is the version that you have provided in this link https://monaca.io/visualstudio.html#go_dwl?
    the download starts automatically , I had no option to choose vs13 or vs15 version.

  • Monaca

    It may be the wrong one, I’ll check it soon.
    Meanwhile, here is the link to the correct one:


    Remember to uninstall the old one before installing this.
    Let me know how it goes! :D

  • Thanks Andi. It worked perfectly with this version you indicated.

  • Monaca

    Glad it helped! Then, I’ll also change the link on the website :)

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