What is your favorite local IDE for use with LocalKit?

  • Well, basically as the subject states, what is your favorite IDE to use with Monaca LocalKit? For years I used Dreamweaver and VisualStudio, but I am curious to see what else is out there that people might prefer.

  • Monaca

    I use Sublime Text 3 but I will try VS Code (under the suggestion of Fran) and maybe VIM at some point. Still a lot to learn :)

  • Visual Studio here , !

  • I am trying Atom with LocalKit at the moment. Seems to be pretty good, the problem I have with LocalKit - which is totally not a LocalKit problem - is screen space. To have Atom, Inspector, and Preview open, requires a lot of screen space. Which means, time to upgrade my workstation!! :smiley:

  • Monaca

    I know what you mean, have the same issue when I cannot connect an external monitor :P

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