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trouble with tab, splitter and navigation working together

  • I have global splitter , i put navigation into splitter content as onsen-tutorial samples. it’s work well. but i need to have global tab bar. ofcourse one of my item tab page is for home. so how can i work tab as globe ??

  • Onsen UI

    @meisam3322 The same way you have a global splitter you can have a global tabbar. But you need to choose the component hierarchy yourself. This example combines the three components. It’s probably different to what you need, but it may help you to clarify.

    These components are just “frames” with a changeable content. You are nesting different frames and you just need to be aware of which frame’s content you should change and which not. In other words, if you change the content of the very first component, the other components will be gone.