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OnsenUI 2 - Chrome 'flicker' when infinite scrolling with <LazyList /> (not with Safari, FireFox, Edge)

  • Hello, Onsen Community!

    This is my very first post/question. I’d like to start by extending my gratitude and admiration for your product! I am going to build amazing Hybrid ReactJS apps with this! :-)

    I’d like to reach out to see if anyone has experience with the following issue. To be honest, I have found this to be a problem with other implementations of ‘infinite scrolling’ as well…not just with OnsenUI. In Chrome ONLY (not in FireFox nor Safari), as a user scrolls the rendered data ‘flickers.’ Obviously, this detracts from the overall user experience and is not the intended product of using infinite scrolling: speed and fluidity when handling large data sets.

    My current specs, although this has been an issue with previous versions of Chrome as well:
    Mac OS (10.11.5) and Chrome (52.0.2743.116 64-bit)

    Here is a link to a GIF showing a side-by-side comparison with the same App in Safari and in Chrome: TOPA56PFmK.gif

    Any help/suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you need more information as well.


    I should add, I’m using the latest react-onsenui (just npm installed this morning). Here is my code for rendering the LazyList component. Let me know if you need to see more. :-)

    0_1470937207426_Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.38.56 AM.png

  • Hi @curtispatrick84 !

    Looks like there is an issue in Chrome. Can you please open an issue on GitHub so we can track this issue?