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Cloud IDE Enhancement Request

  • Cloud IDE Team, would it be possible to add a user definable snippet library? I find myself writing a lot of the same functions over and over, i.e.:

    document.addEventListener("show", function(event){ 
                if('somePage') {
                    // some code
              message: 'MESSAGE HERE',
              title: 'TITLE HERE',
              buttonLabels: ['Yes', 'No'],
              animation: 'default', 
              primaryButtonIndex: 1,
              cancelable: false,
              callback: function(index) {
                    // your confirmation code here

    And many others. I am constantly switching projects to grab chunks of code to put into a new one.

  • Monaca

    Thanks @munsterlander. I’ll definitely consider.

    Is there any preference for you on how to manage snippets? We’ll start designing the UI for this.

  • @Masa Thank you Masa-san. I don’t really have preference - design wise, just as long as it inserts the snippet where the cursor is, I would be happy. As @Leonardo-Augusto can attest, you probably don’t want to follow my UI design - it’s horrible! LOL.