How to customized Onsen CSS

  • I would like to customized the background color, or with Image for onsenUI2, but the themeRoller seemed not working well for onsenUI2.

  • @Taymindis Are you using the 2.0 roller located here: If so, what is not working?

  • Great, thanks for the link. I didn’t know there is onsenui2 themeroller link so
    I was build from local yesterday to get it done.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Have tried The link you sent to me is not working well to me, some of the class name and modifier name are different.
    Only the latest build is work well to me.

  • @Taymindis What is not working and I will see what I can spot?

  • @munsterlander Hi, I am not sure, i just change color theme and applied to one of the OnsenUI2 Todo Sample which done by Fran Diox then It’s alignment wrong.

    After that, I clone the css-component theme roller and build the server locally and it is working fine already. I have no idea which goes wrong as css file is too big, but I tried to different with both theme file. There are a lot of naming are different. I believe the latest build is different with the link you sent to me.

    This is the one i am currently using and it working fine, you could download the themefile from here and compare the theme file from the link, you will spot the different.

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