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Easy i18n?

  • Dear all,

    I am looking for a smart way to internationalize/localize an app based on Onsen UI. I have the feeling that some i18n modules from Angular could (possibly) work but what about apps not embedding Angular?
    What would you recommend?

    Thank you

  • Hi. Unfortunately I am not sure that many of us have had a focus on i18n recently. Maybe someone like @munsterlander may have had more recent experience and may be able to help you better.

    I guess it depends on what exactly you are expecting from the lib/module. Like whether you expect it to auto-translate things in many languages, or maybe you want only a handful of languages for which you will provide the translations yourself.

    That being said some of the ones which I found after a quick search were: - looks simple - if you have only 2-3 languages this solution looks fun even though maybe not very performant as you include all of them from the beginning

    Usually this type of thing is better if it happens on sth like a server. So maybe you could precompile some html files and then distribute them. Again it’s highly dependant on what you are expecting.

    And as i mentioned maybe someone else will have better recommendations :)

  • +1 for

    I have used it for multiple non-Onsen projects and it is very simple as well.