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Is there Onsen UI functionality to define the height of an infinite list?

  • I am looking at this example of an infinite list here

    The infinite list takes up the whole screen. I would like to create an infinite list that only takes up half of the screen.

    Does this functionality exist yet?

  • Hi @rgins16 .
    I guess you mean something like this? :)
    just put the list in a container with the following style

    .half {
      height: 50%;
      overflow: auto;

    And you’re good to go (^_*)

  • Thank you! That is an excellent way to do it in CSS. You have helped me :)

    However, for future reference, I was wondering if there was an attribute of the infinite list I could set to make it take up half of the page (or any other height).

    Maybe this could be considered for a future update of Onsen UI?

    Or maybe it should be just be left to the CSS.

    Thanks again.

  • @rgins16 Onsen UI is simply a visual framework of CSS styled components. The modified attribute is really nothing more that a grouping of CSS classes. The correct way to do what you seek is with CSS.

    EDIT: Upon reread, I may have come across stern. What I am trying to say, is at first, Onsen confused me until I realized that it was solely UI then understanding that you treat your application like a single page website and everything started coming together. All the limitations that I “thought” were there, just disappeared and I was able to do everything I needed.

  • Got it. Thank you.