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React-onsen V2 themes are all same color?

  • I use react-onsen V2 and it works great. Speed is quite better than with react-toolbox.

    It seems all the themes provided in react-onsen dist package use the same colors?? the toolbar on top is always green no matter which theme I load. I checked all the theme css files and in fact they all have same colors:
    checked various onsen-css-component-…-theme.css files in line 1048 and color is same in all theme files I got from the kitchensink example…

    any hope to get a choice of themes for react?? Or can we use your theme tool to build a theme for react-onsen ??

    Also while testing transparent toolbar, I noticed that when you click a button in the transparent toolbar, the ripple click effect shows a square colored background (same color as your normal toolbar) so this does not look good for now… trying to disable it but so far not successful.