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Angular1 Documentation for V2 is poor

  • I have been disappointed by the documentation for Version 2. It says “Angular 1” guide, but all the examples are the same as the vanilla javascript and are not a proper way of interacting with Angular.

    For example, the docs say for the gesture detector to get the element by id and add an event listener. I then found later on a public blog that you can add ng-swipeleft (ng-swiperight, ng-hold, etc) to be able to specify an Angular function in the controller. Why are these things not in the OFFICIAL docs?

  • @kevinashkore I understand the frustration with documentation that may be lacking. Although my contributions have been small, I have recently started helping out since everything is open-source and can be user updated in Github. The one thing I would add though, is v2 is still in beta (RC). The Onsen team has been working on all sorts of areas to include documentation, the new tutorial site, enhancements, and more. So since it is not finished, maybe that should be the understanding / expectation that it is a work in progress. :relaxed:

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    @kevinashkore All the examples in the reference are taken from our interactive tutorial. Looks like the Angular1 reference points to the JS examples (I guess by mistake), but the examples for Angular1 actually exist. Just check the tutorial and select Angular1 in the dropdown menu.
    @munsterlander That’s completely true for Angular2, but Angular1 comes from Onsen v1 so it’s actually quite finished.

  • @Fran-Diox I stand corrected! :flushed: I did not actually go look at the docs, my bad!

    @kevinashkore The help document is also available via Github and it is defined as for the following frameworks: js, angular1. What do you think could be changed to help people? Should there be a vanilla example and then the same example with ng-hold or whatever?

  • I apologize - I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. I do understand that there is a lot of focus areas for the Onsen team and do appreciate that they provided a great open source product. I have just been having a lot of frustration going back and forth from Framework7, Ionic 1, Ionic 2, and then settling on Onsen 2 and then having roadblocks due to lack of documentation, I just get very worked up when my development progress is impeded. :relaxed:

    Fran, that makes sense, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll take another look at that tutorial. By the way, did you see my other forum post about integrating Angular 1.5 component? Not sure if you had any thoughts.

    Munsterlander, I think the documentation needs to show that I can use ng-hold, ng-swipeleft etc as a property, and an example in angular should be enough. But I also think it would be cool to have that TO-DO app as documentation as it can show a lot of different features. For example, could add ng-hold or ng-swipeleft for completing a task, etc.

    Thanks guys for your response.