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OAuth: This domain is not authorized

  • Hello,

    I’m receiving the error “Uncaught Error: This domain is not authorized for OAuth operations for your Firebase project. Edit the list of authorized domains from the Firebase console.” from Monaca debugger.

    Is there something that I need to add to the OAuth domains when using Monaca debugger?

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

  • @ks92 I just checked debugger for me and I am not getting that error. Assuming it is a blank project you are working on that does not include oauth or utilize firebase, I would assume there is an issue with the project / debugger registration with Monaca or they are having a backend issue. If it is a new project, have you tried creating a new project and sync with the debugger to see if that resolves it?

    If your project does include OAuth or Firebase, then you would need to check their documentation on what you would need to do to register the debugger with those services.

  • @munsterlander Thank you for the quick reply. As I said, my project uses Firebase. I did the configuration of OAuth for Firebase for a while, and I’ve already re-tested my app directly without debugger on my android device: it works fine. The problem is encountered only with the debugger. I need some help with the debugger.

  • Monaca

    I made a research and it seems to be a very tricky question, as it depends on how you implemented the authentication. Could you please provide some code?

  • @Andi The OAuth is not implemented by me, but rather by the Firebase javascript client library( being in use which communicates directly with the Firebase cloud service (where the OAuth domains configuration can be made via console). Thank you.

  • Monaca

    I mean, you should authenticate somehow with the Firebase cloud service, right? Have you already tried to authorize localhost? I don’t really know how Monaca Debugger is recognized. Is there any console where you can check incoming connections (even if refused)?

  • @Andi Yes, Localhost is authorized for a while, and currently it works fine. But, AFAIK there ain’t any console for checking the incoming connections.

  • Monaca

    @ks92 can you try to build a custom debugger for your app and check if it works?

  • Sorry for late reply.

    @Andi said:

    @ks92 can you try to build a custom debugger for your app and check if it works?

    I’m sorry, But I don’t quite understand what do you mean exactly. Could you please explain furthermore?

  • Monaca

    @ks92 in some cases, when you include extra components (like custom cordova plugins), you cannot use the normal debugger but you need to build a new debugger and install it on your device. It works exactly like a normal build but, instead of choosing debug, release etc. you need to choose Custom Debugger :)

  • @Andi I see, I’m new to Monaca and I missed the option “Custom Debugger” : ok, now I got it, thank you for pointing that out. :)

    That’s the log I’m getting:


    TypeError cannot call method getInstanceId of undefined:

    • at Object.ref.init: app.js:44:44
      at new <anonymous>: controllers.js:160:10
      at invoke: 17762:17
      at Object.instantiate:17770:27, 22346:28
      at self.appendViewElement:56883:24
      at Object.switcher.render: ionic.bundle.js:54995:41
      at Object.switcher.init: ionic.bundle.js:54915:20
      at self.render: ionic.bundle.js:56743:14
      at self.register: ionic.bundle.js:56701:10
    • ionic.bundle.js:25642

    domain not authorized: firebase.js:71
    can’t read property Keyboard of undefined: app.js:18


    [firebase-auth] Info: The current domain is not authorized for OAuth operations, this will prevent signInWithPopup, signInWithRedirect. linkWithPopup and linkWithRedirect from woking. add your domain to the oauth redirect domains list in the firebase console -> auth section -> sign in method tab.

  • Monaca

  • @Andi No, the link you’ve suggested doesn’t help at all.