monaca CLI + debugger: Pairing unsuccessful

  • Hi,
    I am using monaca CLI on mac osx.
    I’m running monaca debug and get the following:

    Welcome to Monaca debug - Live-reload and debug in the real device
    To get started, you need to install Monaca Debugger on your phone.
       For Android Devices: Search and install "Monaca" in Google Play
       For iOS Devices: Search and install "Monaca" in App Store
    After installation, connect your device to the same WiFi network
    and it will find this computer for pairing.
    Debugging Guide (JavaScript Dev Tools)
    Troubleshooting Guide:
    Waiting for Monaca Debugger connecting to

    I’m running Monaca Debugger on my android phone, but it doesn’t detect my computer although they are one the same wifi network. When I try adding a computer manually, it says “pairing unsuccessful”. I have tried re-installing everything, restarted my computer and even my router.
    Any suggestions welome.

    Thank you!

  • @Sacha-Ventura Try plugging your phone into the computer and check USB debugging.

  • Onsen UI

    @Sacha-Ventura A common problem is… the firewall :sweat_smile: :fireworks:

  • @munsterlander and @Fran-Diox, unfortunately it’s not a firewall issue.
    Thanks anyway !

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