how to Trigger click on back button by clicking on another button?

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to trigger the back button by clicking on another button.

    I’m simplly using jQuery click function to do this.

    issue that i have is that my code only works in browsers but when I create a phonegap APP, the code doesn’t work at all!

    This is my code:

    document.addEventListener("show", function(event){
    if('page2') {
     $(".bak").on('click', function(){
    /*$( ".back-button" ).trigger( "click" );*/

    and this is my Back button:

    <ons-back-button id="backing">Back</ons-back-button>

    and finally this is my button that I click on to trigger the back button:

    <img class="bak" width="70%" src="back-btn.png" style="float:left;">
    Could someone please advise on this issue?
    Thanks in advance.

  • @Jackson All the back button is doing is issuing the poppage command for your navigator. You can simply call:


    And get the same effect.

    More info can be found in the docs here:

    If you need more control, then referencing the docs here:

    Shows that you can specify your own function for the button to call that you can also have your other button call.

  • @munsterlander you are a god send mate… I love you and I love onsen ui… :)

  • @Jackson Thank you! Here to help!

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