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Onsen UI VS2015 TypeScript

  • Hello,
    I’m a little disappointed, not by Onsen UI itself but the general approach of Visual Studio 2015 and TypeScript.
    The quickstart angular 2 does not work with VS2015, even with Cordova template that implements the configuration files.
    After several months, I have not found one working example.

    Your’s little typescript examples ( do not work too.

    Even your templates for VS are oriented HTML and not really typescript.

    Would it be possible to have a complete tutorial for Visual studio typescript + Angular 2 + onsen UI that works.

    Currently everything is done for Javascript!
    Thank you

  • Onsen UI

    @pgn77 Hello!

    Angular 2 + Onsen UI is still in beta, we are continuously changing things in the bindings and, to tell you the truth, right now we are more focused on our CLI compatibility with this framework than in releasing extras for Visual Studio.

    If I don’t remember wrong, the VS2015 extension that we have provides TypeScript templates for Cordova apps + Onsen UI. Are those not working?

    About the tutorial… well, yeah, it’s possible. But I don’t think we can promise such tutorial for any time soon. Perhaps when the bindings for Angular 2 are in release candidate we will consider adding templates for VS2015, but please understand that this is not a priority right now (still multiple things to do before we can think about that).

    That said, this project is completey open source and we would be super happy to have collaboration from the community (as we are having for React, for example), so if you know about TypeScript, Angular2 and VS2015, perhaps you can try your own stuff and share it. We already adapted type definitions to v2 syntax: onsenui.d.ts.

  • Thank you very much for your quick response.
    I fully understand your business priorities, and this is normal.
    The big problem is that right now everything is in beta!
    Regarding your TS templates for VS, for example: Onsen UI Splitter.
    I’m not saying it does not work but:
    Index.ts is generated for a standard Cordova project.
    The Onsen UI code is in the HTML page and it’s javascript.
    I would have preferred a TS page with the use of onsenui.d.ts.

    But do not worry everything about typescript is like that :)