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Cannot load cordova plugins in Onsenui 2

  • I am trying to load a cordova plugin but it keeps giving an error: **"Uncaught (inpromise) module bluetoothSerial not found undefined:0. **

    How would I go about loading a cordova plugin inside Monaca, I have tried:

    1. window.bluetoothSerial()
    2. cordova.require(‘bluetoothSerial’)
    3. new cordova.plugins.bluetoothSerial();

    All give the same error message

    app.service('bleService', function() {
        var bluetoothSerial = cordova.require('bluetoothSerial');//new cordova.plugins.bluetoothSerial.Delegate();
        return {
            sendMessage: function(message) {
                // interact with bluetoothSerial
    app.controller('InfoPageCtrl', ['$scope', 'bleService', function($scope, bleService) {
                function() {
                    console.log("Bluetooth is enabled");
                function() {
                    console.log("Bluetooth is *not* enabled");

  • @peabucket Please consolidate your questions to one thread. I am chasing all of your questions across numerous threads and they all involve the ability to utilize a bluetooth plugin with Onsen. Thanks!

  • This post is deleted!