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Open another app from my app

  • Goodevening!
    I would like to add a button that when clicked open another app i’ve made, if installed, or send the user to the store page to download it, how can i do this?

  • Hi @N_Developer ! Good evening!

    So, to you call a google play page, you’ll need:

    <ons-icon icon="fa fa-share-square-o fa-2x" fixed-width="true" onclick="', '_system')"></ons-icon>

    To open an external app you’ll need :


    Check the app availability

            function checkTwitter() {
                    '', // Package Name
                    function () {           // Success callback
                        window.plugins.socialsharing.shareViaTwitter(' Download also ...', null /* img */, '' /* url */, function () { console.log('share ok') }, function (errormsg) { alert(errormsg) })
                    function () {           // Error callback
                            message: 'twitter is not installed . Do you want to download it?',
                            title: 'Application Unavailable',
                            buttonLabels: ['Yes', 'No'],
                            animation: 'slide',
                            primaryButtonIndex: 1,
                            cancelable: false,
                            callback: function (index) {
                                if (index == 0) {
                          '', '_system')
                                } else if (index == 1) {'twitter://user?screen_name=gajotres', '_system', 'location=no');

    liked ? An upvote! ;)